How fitting is it that our first Under 100 prints from Montana are Built from the Ground Up? Printing these last few days with Dana, by hand like we used to has been surreal. I forgot how much the relationship with printing does for my every day life. The ability to think while I do a creative task with my hands was a hole in my life that I did not realize.

Under 100 is definitely something that we are going to be bringing back. Dana and I will be printing them, and we will do less than 100 of every single size. I'm seeing this not only as an opportunity to put me back in touch with my roots printing again, but almost as a form of meditation, and most of our alone time with my wife. Alone time focusing on the brand which we built from the ground up.



  • Classic Fit Tee
  • Fitted, slimmer body
  • Clean, soft, 60/40 blend of cotton and polyester
  • Rob wears XL, Dana wears XS

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