04.18.19 The Bro Bag Duffle | Grey Colorway Release

The days of Bros showing up to the gym in just a pair of nylon shorts and shaker are long gone. Now we roll into the gym like we’re prepping for a special ops mission with our lifting belts, multiple pairs of shoes, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, deadlifting straps, headphones, supplements, nose tork, chalk, iPads, and bags of sour patch kids for that intra glucose spike. Long story short, we carry a lot of sh*t with us and sometimes we even need to carry additional everyday stuff with us. That is why the next evolution of the GYM BRO BAG is the GYM BRO DUFFLE; releasing in an NEW color way. The Duffle was designed by weightlifters for weightlifters to carry everything for in and out of the gym. The [GREY] Gym Bro Bag Duffle will be available: THURSDAY, April 18, 2019 @ 9PM EST.

the GYM BRO BAG - $64

PRODUCT DETAILS: Dimensions: 10”H x 22”W x 12”D
  • Exclusive Flag Nor Fail Lifting Belt Carrier
  • Neoprene compartment for stinky knee sleeves.
  • Water resistant bottom
  • Easy carry handles and shoulder sling
  • Large easy access top compartment
  • Two inside supplement bottle holders
  • Secret Inside Valuables Compartment 
  • 2x Sneaker compartment
  • Felt-lined front easy access compartment.
  • Side netting compartment for drinks and valuables
  • Screen printed FNF Monogram side design