10.12.18 | FNF Utility Bag

10.12.18 | FNF Utility Bag

Brandon Horoho


Where to start… My brother and I have been talking about doing a Flag Nor Fail style Utility Bag for years now. We finally decided to pull the trigger. Out of all the Flag Nor Fail bags we have designed this is the one we use the most. I’m not kidding, I never knew how much I needed this bag until we were testing out the prototypes this summer. 

Growing up working on cars and trucks we had tool bags to catch all of our sh*t while we wrenched away. Those bags were great, but they were just tool bags. We wanted to take them a step further and make the 
ULTIMATE Utility Bag. 

We started with making the entire bag 
waterproof from the inside out. We discovered that it holds 4 bags of ice and a case of your favorite beverage. This bag can take a beating too as it is constructed with a heavyweight wax canvas outer layer. The inside liner is made out of the same waterproof material as our Explore Dry Bags. We also added corner guards and base plates. This Utility Bag was designed TO LAST. 

In addition to the durability, we added accessory pockets on the inside and outside to keep your stuff safe. Plus, there is a reinforced tie-down anchor so you can strap the bag to your bike or side-by-side. 

Take it to the beach. Take it to the golf course. Carry it around as you do yard work. Bring it camping. Use it as a cooler. This bag is VERSATILE. 






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