These boards are made with rescued Pennsylvania cherry. 100% sustainable. They hand crafted from start to finish through a tedious process of taking rough lumber and turning into a gorgeous planks. Cutting those planks into staves of lumber, gluing and clamping, planing, hand sanding, routing, branding and then spraying a catalyzed varnish on the boards three times. Catalyzed-varnish is a two part finish only used by professionals and must be sprayed. It doesn't crack, peel or yellow like lacquer while offering a hard seal for you board protecting it from scratching and staining. Catalyzed varnish an expensive process and the industry standard for finishing tables, counters and cabinetry. Your cherry board will come to you with a blondish cherry finish and will change to a deeper red color as it ages and is exposed to light.  Logo is branded by hand.

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