1.16.14 RELEASE PREVIEW | 9PM est

This was the bag that everyone told me would never happen. I took my time with this bag.  The one thing that people where surprised by when they received the first run of these (in black) was the size.  This is a large duffle.  YKK Heavy duty zippers, Water Repellent 1680D Ballistic Nylon.  This fabric went through a lot of extra steps to give it the character we wanted.  The Fabric was cut by the US mill then sent to us to hand-print.  Once the fabric was printed we sent it back to the mill which they then assembled the bag..... sent it back to the FNF warhouse.  We then hand distressed the bag and hit is with a red over-spray.  This bag has been flown back and forth from the east coast and the west coast a few times, and touched by hands more then any other bag out there.  I really believe that these extra steps make this bag unlike anything else on the market.  More then that, I think that is a perfect representation of our brand.  The extra steps, the process and the hands on approach...  I could not be happier with this bag. Please watch the video below for the full story.  The first version of this bag was done in black.  We made 250 of them and they sold out instantly.  We will be releasing 225 of this red bag. The video has the full process.  
Hand-printed and limited quantities. The fit of this is amazing.  It is all Dana and I have been wearing recently. Light weight. 3/4 sleeve... the Hustle hand script hand-printed on the front and  "Remember who you are" printed in the square of the back. Rob wears a XXL and dana fits a XS great.
These shirts are fun colors. I am normally a tone on tone guy but I am loving these. These hand-printed shirts have a HUGGGE print on the front.  We also added another print to the sleeve of these.  I am really excited to see what people think of these.
We have not released a pair of shorts in a while.  These hand printed men's shorts have " GREATNESS IS BUILT" print down the front and a hand script on the back.  Dana wears a small and Rob wears a XXL.  These are a little heavier shorts then a year ago.
Again, as long as people keep asking for these we will print them!  these 3x5 foot banners go fast!  Dana individually signs every single one.  They are great to hang anywhere you need inspiration.  This shot was taken while Dana was training in front of a studio audience in the UK last year.
Hand-crocheted beanie, one size fits all!  Sorry But we only made 100 of these! There is something incomparable about knowing that an item was handmade. To us, it just makes an item feel more special, more unique, and that there was more concern and love put into the product then if it was just sent through an automatic machine. These beanies are hand-crocheted. It takes 30 minutes to crochet just one. Needless to say, there is a lot of time and effort spent into creating this quality custom hat. We are very, very excited for this special item to be released and we hope you LOVE them as much as we do!  These are one-size fits all.  Dana and I wear the same size.  They will stretch out but once washed they return to their original size.
AHHHH how dope is this…..  We printed a black on black snap back and hit is with a light red overspray.  This is my new favorite hat.  So this was a concept that I came up with when I was spraying the walls of the gym black.  I was wearing a brand new, white hat while I was painting.  After I got done spraying the walls, I noticed this fantastic gradient of overspray all over the hat, and I loved it.  So the idea was born for overspray hats.  We hand-print the front and hand-print the brim.  I then take each individual hat and give it an overspray using a low pressure spray paint can.  I have always loved things that look like they are a little bit worn and have some work behind them.   And this hat gives that impression from the second you put it on.
One size fits all. Quantities are limited.  Please take a moment to watch the video of the process below.
This is a similar pant to last year, but with a few cut improvements. UNDER100 logo Printed HUGE on the back… and the BURY THE DEAD quote on the front.  We stepped up our game a little with these and added a tag on the inside. Since we only make 100 of each size we thought it would be nice to prove it to you and individually number the tags.  Each tag is numbered by hand. We are very proud of this. These Are Men's sweats, Dana wears a small. I wear a XXL.  The length is great for all of you concerned about being "tall"
Dana has wanted this color to happen for a while.  It is our FNF hand script on a bright ASS hood. There DLB are you happy?   These are all hand-printed and of course limited.  Dana is wearing a small and Rob is wearing a XXL
This mug set is the same as the one for black friday, but with a different Wood Selection!  Please take the time to watch the story below.
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