*** Ton's of supplement companies have sent us samples! Everyone who attends the camp will receive a sample pack at the door! We also have 15(+) door prizes!  Tickets will be handed out at entry and called during lunch!


Dana Linn Bailey WARHOUSE CAMP

February 15, 2014
10am-7PM at the FNF WARHOUSE in LEESPORT PA. 19533
ATTENDANCE LIMITED TO 125 PEOPLE (Tickets available on our site now!)

We saw an opportunity to create a facility where we could host fitness camps and seminars. This gym was built open and spacious for a reason. We wanted to create an open environment for Dana to host and teach. DLB camps will cover training (broken down by body part), contest prep and off-season nutrition, supplement advice, cooking tips, eating on-the-go, personal mindset, and field random questions. Each camp will have a slightly different itinerary. The class schedules will be broken down on the Flag Nor Fail Blog Page.

Tickets will be available by reservation only. To attend a camp, you must purchase a $25 reservation ticket. This ticket is non-refundable and reserves your spot at the event. When you arrive at the camp the remaining balance ($125) in cash will be due upon entering. 

In addition to the camp, this ticket will give you access to our WARHOUSE APPAREL STORE. This store works as an overflow/ outlet for Flag Nor Fail. You will be able to get some of our sold out inventory for a discounted price. We will also be selling SpeedWarhouse goods, and of course WARHOUSE GYM SHIRTS!

This is our first camp so we are still working on deals with local hotels and other little odds and ends. We should have these things wrapped up shortly after OLYMPIA.

After you purchase your reservation ticket we will be sending you a detailed email with more information.


DLB 1-Day Camp:

9:00-10:00: STORE OPEN

10:00-11:30:  INTRO and Q/A

  • Introduction - Rob Bailey, Dana Bailey and available staff

  • Everyone introduce themselves

    • Answer questions, “why am I here?” and “what do I want to learn?”

  • Nutrition, diet, and supplement advice

    • Dieting to stay healthy

    • Dieting for offseason

    • Dieting for show prep   

    • Psychological stress associated to show prep and post show depression

    • Supplement advice for muscle growth

    • Supplement advice for recovery

    • Post workout nutrition

  • Training principles and tips

    • Workout splits

    • Set and rep ranges for specific muscle groups

    • Endurance/Volume training

    • Compound vs. Isolation movements and when to incorporate both during workout

    • Pre-exhaust technique and what are the benefits

    • Weak point training principle

    • Fast twitch vs. Slow Twitch

    • Progression and Overload Technique

      • Drop-sets

      • Super-sets

      • Pyramid sets

      • Ascending/Descending sets

    • Recovery time

  • Cardio

    • HIIT vs. Steady State

    • High intensity vs. low intensity

    • Fasted cardio


11:30-12:00 BREAK (EAT)

12:00-1:30: Upper Body and ABS

  • Chest and Shoulders

  • Back

  • Arms

  • Abs

  • Demonstrate exercises and individuals try for technique  


1:30-1:40  BREAK (bathroom)


1:30-3:00: Lower Body

  • Quads, Hams, Glutes, Calves

  • Quad/Ham split

  • Sets and rep ranges based on your body


3:00-3:30 BREAK (EAT and CHANGE into posing attire)


3:30-4:00: Posing

  • Quarter turns together

  • Figure model turns

  • Physique mandatory’s

  • Bodybuilding mandatory’s

  • Physique and BB 60sec and routine

  • Beauty, makeup, hair, tanning, and suit tips


4:00-7:00: OPEN LIFT

  • If not competing or interested in posing, you can start lifting at 3:30

  • Rob will walk around and be available for questions from 5:00-6:30


4:00-7:00: STORE OPEN

7:00- Pics, Autographs, questions

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