Dana Linn Bailey and MHP part ways



‘Dana Linn Bailey and MHP part ways.’

I would like to start out by thanking MHP for all of their support and their professional and personal development they have provided me during the last two years.  I have enjoyed working for MHP, but, it has come to a mutual agreement between myself and MHP to part ways.   

I have decided to focus on the businesses Rob and I have started. This is a very exciting time for us. We have FLAG NOR FAIL, The WARHOUSE GYM and the WARHOUSE GYM Camps, and most recently the SPEED Warhouse. With all of the traveling we are doing over the next year, we need to put all that we can into these businesses to make sure they are everything we want them to be. In order to achieve optimal success, we are willing to take some risk to achieve something even greater.

I would like to wish nothing but the best for Gerard and the entire MHP staff and team. I am excited for my future and what is to come.


Thank you for everyone support!!!



Dana Linn Bailey

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