I am not the best writer so I apologize in advance for the grammar in this paragraph. ( I also apologize for mis-spellings the  computer does not catch for me)


So, I see these Memes all the time. " This could be us.." or " I want a Dana and Rob relationship"  I admit, i like seeing them. They make me smile, they make me proud and they sorta light a fire inside of me.  But at the same time, there is something that bothers me about it.


I rarely see anyone and think., "That is what i want to be" or " I want that life."  If you ask Dana what physique she aspires to have she will say " My Own" or  " a better version of mine"


Life is an interesting thing, and I am still trying to figure it out daily.  The one thing I do know is too many people wish for things, or give up.  It is so much easier to think that something is impossible…. it is so much easier to just maintain. Im not talking about Bodybuilding…I am talking about life.  I am talking about waking up everyday and not really being happy but ignoring it….not even paying attention to what you feel inside.


Dana and I got married at 23 years old.  We bought a house, got a dog…. she was a school teacher and I got a job as a graphic artist at QVC.  For 4 years we commuted to work, went to home depot on the weekends, cut grass, had a date night every few weeks, never left the state, and never really had enough $.  I was struggling with who I was creatively, and dana was struggling to keep up with her fitness goals.  Competing with a full time job is hard… everyone knows that. ( I have no idea how you ladies with kids find the time to compete, my hat is off to you)  Bottom line is, we where going through the motions…. on tract to retire at 60….. 401K, never over 10K in the bank….. if we needed new tires for a vehicle we still had to plan out the purchase a month in advance….. we where doing it… " Life".


It took a little while to realize we didn't like it.  Long story short, we fixed that feeling.  We took some risks, we almost ruined our relationship, we almost lost everything….. but we worked our asses off and pulled through the storm…. and its not over. Not even close…. Resistance is everywhere. The strongest resistance is inside of you…. it is always telling you to sleep longer, to slow down…. the resistance inside of you is telling you you made it….. and its fine where you are.  Bull shit.  That resistance is meant to be fought… head on… every single day.


We all have one life.  We all have opportunity.  We all have fear.   Let's toss wishing out the window and chase some dreams.  Let's take some chances,  Realize what is in your heart and chase that shit.


Life is so fucking short, and it can be taken away so fast….. to not get the most out of it is a waste.


I can speak for Dana and I when I say this….


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