I come across our music in the craziest videos!  This is a Polish Special Forces Video.  I have to admit,  I don't know much about them..... But I do know I sorta wanna hang out with them....

I know people want to know, " when are you coming out with more music?" Well here is the answer.  Hustle and I are working on a remix album.  I really think we are pushing some boundaries with these remixes.... People will be surprised.

I am booked traveling until JULY.  Then we are shutting down for Dana's Olympia Prep.  This will make it much easier for me to get in the studio. We will be releasing another new album before the end of the year.  We do not have a date for the remix album yet, but if I had to estimate... i would guess 2 months.

Check ou the video below.  It is truly an honor that our song is being used.  #goosebumpsfordays



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