Well, it looks like the brand is growing.  Having a growing brand is an exciting, and heart breaking thing. We put everything we have, financially and emotionally into this brand. On one side, we are reaching more people and I have more freedom with this brand, on the other more people try to take advantage of what we have built.
I make attempts to keep this brand small.  We do not distribute, we still keep a extremely limited inventory, we operate honestly, we go on trips where Dana and I take a hit finically just to spread the word of fitness and meet fans. We spend hours in expos after they close so we see every last fan. Expos where we are not paid to be at…  If you see us at an expo, there is no-one paying us to be there.  No supplement company is paying us to be there.  Our customer service tries their very best,  We send out free product if there is any doubt that it might be our fault.  
As a company we operate with more honesty then any company I have delt with… and we pride ourselves on that.
Well sometimes I get lost….sometimes I forget…. Sometimes I need to be reminded that not everyone operates like us.
There are some individuals from Canada that have been stealing from us for sometime.  We just now caught it… after $1000 lost, including a handprinted duffle.
This is forcing me to disable paypal for international customers.  There is a loop hole and these assholes found it.
You wanna know the worst part?  Here is the fucking worst part.  We had an appearance at a friends supplement store in Canada…. It was only 2 hours… we stayed over 4 hours, making sure we got to everyone.  As I scroll through the 2 thieves pictures…. not only do i see them wearing the clothes that they put claims in with paypal ( that they never received, and where refunded for)… but I also see them with in pics with Dana at the store appearance.  What a kick in the dick.  
As we move forward as a brand….as we grow as individuals, Dana and I are faced with more and more people trying to take advantage of us.  It happens all the time.  It seems like daily an event happens to us that has the opportunity to leave us JADED, or change how we look at the world.  I am taking a positive from this event.  I am fixing the problem, and this is nothing more then a reminder of the fact that we are growing, and we have a bigger reach then last year.  It is also a reminder that everyone we meet can not be trusted.  
This is such a fine line to walk.  I really do not want to think like that… I just want to pretend that everyone who wears the brand loves the brand, and would never steal.
So you know what I am going to do after I post this asshole's picture?  I am going to forget about this and pretend like it didn't happen. I am going to assume the best of everyone, and leave myself venerable. Because Harping on the bad in people will wear you down.  I learned that from my mother.  I love you mom.
& BTW A***** Start living life honestly.  One day this shit is going to catch up to you, and someone like me will not blur your face in the pic. Oh and When we do our Canadian tour next year, don't show up.

Stop posting pics of scott. It was not Scott
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