Well…. THE WARHOUSE GYM site is live!  That is exciting!  This is where we will be selling the camps, positing about fitness, and eventually selling merch.  Recently, the camps have been selling out very very fast.  We are doing our best to open up more dates, and to make these camps available for as many people as possible.

Also, people are talking…. people have been seeing our unique equipment in the videos and are asking questions.  We are working on something big I promise you.  We will release details as they are available……we are going to blow your minds

It is almost time to release the remix album!  I really think people are going to love this. As I have said prior, it is different then what we normally do.  There are tbs of live interment recording… This is the most intense album we have ever released.  I will be filming some videos soon using the music to give you guys a little taste of what is to come.

In addition to the remix album,  HUSTLE and I will be back in the studio in JULY starting on our next album.  I am very excited about this. It feels like it has been forever since I have recorded.  I am excited to see where our sound evolves to… I am excited to see what every things of our new music.  Guys, I can not thank you enough, the response to the music is amazing.  

Dlb is in full blown Olympia Prep.  We have a few ideas of how to share her journey with you.  She will be writing weekly blog posts and videos.  She is also writing down every single day's workout from now until the Olympia. I love when she is buried in prep.  Seeing the changes in her body…seeing how hard she works.  The girl is truly amazing.  I have never seen anyone work this hard at anything….  We are excited to share the journey with you.

We will be all over the place for the remainder of the year.  Here is a touch outlook of where Dana and I will be.  We will refine this as dates get closer.

June 21: Steve Cook WHG Camp

June 22: Private event in Pittsburg

June 23: RELEASE

June 24: Private event in NYC

June 27-29: Flex Lewis Classic in TN.

July 3-5: Private Event.

July 11: Warp tour

July 12: WarHouse Gym Camp

July 19: AutoX event

July 26: CT Fletcher WHG Camp

August 2: AutoX event

August 9: Warhouse Gym Camp 

August 11-12: Private event at WHG

August 15-16: My Brothers Batchler party

August 23: Warhouse Gym Camp 


September 14-21: Olympia, Vegas


September 29- Oct 5: Brothers wedding

October 25: NC Guest Pose

November 8: Idaho Cup


I know there are events we are missing,  I will update this weekly and add more info.

I mentioned the Porsche tour in a video… and it is still a real thing.  After Olympia we will be hoping in the Cayman and a 997 Turbo ( which I am still shopping for) and making one of my dreams come true.  We will be doing a tour across the united states, from vegas to NC.  We will be on the road for one weeks, stopping at gyms and meeting fans.  At the end o this dream journey we will arrive in North Carolina for my brothers wedding.  I can not think of a better way to spend the week between OLYMPIA and My Brothers Wedding.  Let's get wild.

I will keep you guys updated on where we will be stopping…. Car shopping, car modding, and our plans.  This is going to be really fun guys!

THE SPEED WARHOUSE site is live!  It took a little while.  People have been seeing the SWH shirts we have been wearing and asking for them… They will be available on the site.

We will also be able to update everyone a little better about future events, Dyno Days and profess on builds.  The site is a little rough around the edges right now, but we will be cleaning it up weekly and adding more info.

It has been an exciting few years with Ella on the FNF team but it is time to part ways. 

Myself and the rest of the team here at FNF would like to wish Ella Kociuba luck in her future endeavors and competitions.

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