So as many of you may know, during our 2014 Porsche Tour we plan on visiting a gym in each town to meet everyone. After putting out a few calls on social, we read through all of your comments and suggestions, and made our decisions. Thanks to everyone who helped in the process and also all of the owners in opening their doors for us. As of now we are planning to be at each location at 6:30 PM that day. However, these times are subject to change due to the complexity of the trip. We will be updating from the road through our Facebook page so make sure to keep an eye on there! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

DAY 1 - September 23rd - PHOENIX, AZ

DAY 2 - September 24th - ALBUQUERQUE, NM

DAY 3 - September 25th - AMARILLO, TX

DAY 4 - September 26th - DALLAS, TX

DAY 5 - September 27th - NEW ORLEANS, LA

DAY 6 - September 28th - ATLANTA, GA

DAY 7 - September 29th - ROCK HILL, SC

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