"The Unreal is More Powerful than the Real" | Kai Greene, DLB, & CT Fletcher

Is this really my life??  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.  This scenario is like a dream.  A dream to have two of my own biggest inspirations at my gym, training with me.  Kai Greene and CT Mutha Fxcking Fletcher!!  Kai has been a personal icon for me since getting into this world of bodybuilding.  Watching him training, watching him pose, and listening to him talk.  His words are inspiring and intriguing.  And CT Fletcher is just the baddest mutha fxcker around! His mentality for lifting and his no BS attitude is what made me a fan. What most people would call overtraining and overdoing it, CT Fletcher calls a normal workout. 

It is amazing to take a step back and think about where I was just couple years ago, watching videos of Kai and getting pumped up watching CT…thinking to myself…geeez wouldn’t it be cool to train with them!  And here I am today with both of them, in my gym, going through a crazy arm workout about a month out from this year’s Olympia.  It is humbling to know that even though I am such a huge “fangirl” and it is a true privilege to be training with them, that they feel as equally privilege to be here training with me.

So be inspired, be charged, and light the fxck up with this training video!

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