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Over the past few months here at the Warhouse, we've been thinking of ways to keep everyone in the loop with the everyday happenings. After going back to the drawing board numerous times, we ended up stumbling across an idea. About a week ago (week ago) everyone's #Legday fell on the same day. The atmosphere was similar to that of a 120+ person post-camp open train, but with only 5 people. Not everyone here has the same goals; varying from bodybuilding, powerlifting, becoming healthier or returning to an old you...Rob circa 2012...we all train together each night, so why not get on the same schedule? Since our goals are different, our workouts are different. Throughout the workout we switch partners based on what exercise we feel like doing next, basically we simplify our training to just have fun, which it should be. Train hard and have fun. No science was used in the making of this film....enjoy.

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