2012 - Womelsdorf, PA

Established in the Womelsdorf warehouse, we began 2012 with a team: several printers, my brother, we have offices and a warehouse manager. I'm still doing the creative, things are still disorganized, but things are taking off PERIOD. Dana's career as an athlete is exploding, my career as a businessman is exploding, but still, we have zero personal life and are travelling every weekend for the brand. Success is starting to become a reality — we were feeling it at this point.   

Our work started to reflect the growth of the brand — we began using the cut and sew process and even more exciting and polished clothing designs. This would be the springboard we would jump off to shape our design policies and procedures for years to come. 

We worked hard as hell this year, and basically springboarded off everything we had learned up to this point, refining and honing our processes. A growth mindset defined this year and it would set into place many of the processes and protocols we still use today.