2015 - Adventure Tour Rnd. 1

2015 - Adventure Tour Rnd. 1

Dana decided to do the Arnold. Coming off from her loss at the Olympia, she came into her training with a completely different mindset; and I felt like she went into it for the right reasons. We documented the entire training process and the whole journey. She did end up finishing second in the competition, but that's when we realized that the journey and the fans were more important than the competition itself, and we decided to start doing more tours as a result.

We did two tours that year, the Mt. Washington tour, in which we bought a Toyota dolphin for 1300 dollars and painted the outside and drove it up the east coast on a 5-day tour. We finished the tour by climbing up a mountain with a couple hundred Flag Nor Fail fans. We started to realize that connecting with people who believe in the brand outside of expos was what we wanted to do. We wanted to get a more intimate relationship with our fans, and by doing that, we were able to show them that we were ordinary people, too, just like them, and I think we brought alot of value to people doing that.

In addition to that, that was the year we came out with our first every day carry (EDC) bag. Our first step into the bag game and we are full-blown into cut and sew by this time.

We also did the adventure tour in 2015. We sat in a circle and made a bucket list of all things we wanted to do, and we crammed them all into 30 days, all centred around Olympia. We did everything — Jet skiing, rock climbing, jumping into waterfalls, go-karting, giant water slides, everything you could imagine. We did everything all over the country, and we just enjoyed ourselves. We were trying to show people that you really can reach your dreams and do everything you want to do in life.

The gym camps had been going so well that we decided to open our own gym. We bought an old World Gym and turned it into the first Warhouse gym and proceeded to hold camps, hold big events and hold military fundraising events. 2015 was one of our bigger and more unforgettable years.


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