2018 - Full Send Montana

2018 - Full Send Montana

Nicholas Malcolm

We are still trying to get our feet under us after our giant move across the country at this point in time. We realized that we didn't quite fit into that new Montana warehouse. It was a step down, and it was a temporary warehouse that we thought we could make work, but we couldn't. 

The staff was growing; we started hiring new people from Montana, from other states, and just overall so many people moving here and adding to Flag Nor Fail.

We changed the release model in 2018. Before this, we were doing large releases that consisted of 10 or more products. In 2018, we realized that to keep better attention to our market and spread things out a little bit more benefitted us alot, and so we began releasing only one or two items a week.
WE started creating alot more outerwear, we made our utility bag, and we came out with seamless for the first time. In 2018 we finally got the opportunity to use Montana as a playground and somewhere where we could document our lives and highlight what we do.

2018 is also the year where we bought our second warehouse, which is where we housed our vehicles, toys and most importantly, the private gym, which is a staple in our lives.

There was were a few years where we didn't have that space, and having the gym and being able to control the environment and shoot photos in there helps and makes a massive impact on the brand. It was definitely a positive addition to 2018 that was well overdue.


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