2020 - FNF Expansion

2020 - FNF Expansion

Nicholas Malcolm

2020 was a struggling year for alot of people.

I did not see it that way.

I'm going to make sure to keep the struggles of the year separate from the struggles of our workflow.

Based on the wakeboard giveaway in 2019, I realized how much people enjoy the fun nature of a giveaway — and getting free shit. So, we reached back out to Notice and got snowboards made. We ended up giving away those snowboards and my wide-body long-travel Tundra.

I never thought we'd be giving away a truck.

But after realizing that vehicles had been such an important part of the journey and realizing how important vehicles have been to the brand's image over the last ten years, it only made sense.

We made a lot of big moves in 2020. We hired new designers. I got my pilot's license. But most importantly, we broke ground on our new headquarters.

Building a warehouse from scratch, working with architects, contractors, builders, and designers has truly been an eye-opening experience. It's been exhilarating, it's been very exhausting, but we are all excited for the product that will soon stand on that lot.

I now think we have a team that truly understands the brand and creates the foundation for us to open our wings in the future and take the brand to the next level.

It's crazy to think we've been doing this for ten years. It seems like just yesterday I was printing tee shirts in my garage, and now there's a 50-foot red steel being erected into the sky as a result of all we've done over the last decade.

And none of it would be possible without you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And here's to what comes next.


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