This is now officially my 3rd magazine cover!!  Muscle Insider is Canada’s largest bodybuilding magazine.  They reached out to me a couple months before the Arnold about using me for June/July 2015 issue.  Knowing we were both going to be in the same place at the same time, we decide to shoot the day after I competed at the Arnold, video below ;).  Jason Ellis, the King of Covers, was the photographer, who I have always had a huge appreciation for his work.  He has shot all the top fitness and bodybuilding athletes in the industry, so it was a huge honor for me to shoot with him.  Along with the cover, I also have a huge interview discussing who I am, why am I here, and why the heck do so many people care.  The interview covers, my past, present and future and touches on nutrition and training philosophy, social media, branding, and life!  Its a good read that I think you will enjoy!

Now being that Muscle Insider is a Canadian based magazine, it will be a little difficult for all you Americans to find.  So feel free to order one from their site or join their online subscription



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