Mr. Mills has been a huge supporter of FNF for as long as I can remember, and has always impressed the hell out me....follow his journey that he calls life and I promise you will be equally impressed.  People ask " What does Flag Nor Fail mean?".... Read below... I can't think of a better example.
Much love to Mills.  I am excited to see what the future holds for this man.
20 years ago my life changed in a way that I never thought I would have to endure. As a sixteen year old, you are not supposed to have to go through a life changing event like losing the use of your legs. You are not supposed to go through one of the hardest times of your life while still in your junior year of high school. You are not supposed to have to deal with something as serious as that, but I did.  On May 2nd 1993, I was paralyzed by a drunk driver less than 3 miles from home. I spent weeks in ICU battling for my life. Once I won the battle to live, I had to fight the battle to survive. I spent months in and out of therapy/rehab learning how to cope with being paralyzed from the waist down and learning how to function with my new life being confined to a wheelchair.
Not long after I was released from rehabilitation I realized that life was not going to wait for me and that I had to make the decision to either exist or to live. At first I really didn’t know what that meant. I just thought getting by was enough. I skirted on through life not living but simply existing. Fast forward to 1996. I found something that year that would carry me through my life by living. I found wheelchair sports. While up late one night watching TV, I came across the 1996 Olympics and saw an exhibition event with wheelchair racers. This sparked my interest and I began to research. I soon received my first racer and the rest is history. Since that date, I have competed in over 160 road, track and triathlon events. Traveled all over this world competing in my sport.
Last year, I was missing something and was going into a lull in my sport and in my life. Mentally I was bored with my sport. I was looking for something different. About the same time I came across two things. The first thing was Obstacle Course Racing. I saw something that would feel a void. I found a Sport that people with disabilities have yet to tap into. I found a Sport that would change my life. The second thing  I came across was a  video of DLB. I was blown away by this aggressive video with a man in the background yelling with such force. After watching the video, I searched for more about DLB and this man behind the video. I came across Flag Nor Fail. I was drawn by the name and what it stood for. I was needing something like this to get me going along with my new endeavor of OCR.  I started to read more about FNF and I started to find people that were familiar with FNF. I found a family of people that was like minded and quickly became part of the family.
Here it is almost a year later and I have climbed Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain, GA on my hands and knees. I have become the first ever Parlayed Person to compete and complete a Spartan Sprint and most recently I became the first ever Paralyzed GoRuck Challenge Athlete.  I am now training for the 2013 Summer Spartan Death Race which is on June 21st, 2013 and I will be the first ever paralyzed person to compete in this event as well. I honestly feel Rob, Dana and the crew over at Flag Nor fail has pushed me harder than anything. It is hard to express a feeling from what a shirt can give you and it is also difficult to express what Flag Nor Fail means to me but I will say this. Flag Nor Fail is true to Its beliefs. It is Never Faltering. it is never Wavering. It is Never Settling. It is Never Surrendering. it is never Giving up! It is not every day you can wear what you stand for and it is not every day you can wear a feeling. Flag Nor Fail is that. Flag Nor Fail is that vehicle that drove me over the slump I was in and has pushed me to travel new grounds with the No Retreat, No Surrender attitude.  I believe in Flag Nor Fail and I am thankful for what Flag Nor Fail has done for me.
What has Flag Nor Fail done for you?
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