First allow me to apologize for this post and my lack of grammar.  It has never been my strong point and Dana is not here to proof read it for me.  Just know regardless of my grammar errors, this is from the heart.


As many of you know we are on the brink of officially owning our first warehouse.  Until now we have been renting. We started in my 1.5 car garage, moved to a 8,000sq foot shit hole abandoned warehouse, then to our current warehouse.  In the next few weeks we will be transitioning to our final destination.


Ive been thinking a lot about what it took to get here, what we have and what is in the future... As excited as I am to move to the new warhouse, I know I will always miss my studio space here.  It has character that you can not built or create... this character comes with time.  Next week will be my last photo shoot in this space.  


I guess what I am saying is, don't get so caught up in the end result of a goal that you forget where you are at….  I see a lot of people complaining about training and show prep… school work, or your current situation.  I've often complained about this building but what I am quickly realizing is that I will never have this studio space again… and I have taken it somewhat for granted.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that.  3 years ago I would have KILLED for this space to shoot in, and after 8 short months of having it it is now time to leave. LOVE THE PROCESS.  Life is a process. Don't forget that.  Love every day, love every experience.  Do not wait for the end to enjoy what you have done.


We have a few things planned for the next few weeks to express our gratitude to everyone that has helped us to get here.  


Sorry Im feeling a little emotional today. lol



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