Well, it is not 100% where we want it but we are out of time.  People have been asking to see the inside.. 

Below is a little sneak peak to what we will be rolling it.

FUTURE PLANS: we intend on doing a full USA tour over to the west coast next spring.  Before that, we will be doing a full renovation to this thing... but for now that must wait..

We have been planning on doing FNF sheets for a while now.  These are the test runs. I slept in them last night and they felt fine... So expect to see FNF sheets in the future!!  This shot is taken from the back of the airstream looking towards the front. There are 2 twin beds back here. we had to make supports for them and we picked up 2 600$ memory foam mattresses. ( on sale for 199$ each!)  In the front you can see the fold down couch.
We also installed 2 20 inch Tvs with built in DVD players.  Now Dana can watch pumping iron and breaking bad before she goes to sleep.

here is a shot of the front, this couch folds down to a queen bed.

AC was a must.  The old AC unit had to go. We replaced it with a new coleman heating/ac unit, painted the cover black and sealed it up tight. We got the biggest one we could find. It should be a little over kill, but we like it cold!

A dude on instagram called us on on having white wheels, so... we fixed that.  black 15s really come together nice.... Damn kid!!! look at that fitment. lol. 

There will be a lot of times where we need to run out and dont want to take the entire set up, so we got 2 HONDA RUCKUSs.  Done up in FNF decals :)  Between that is our generator that will run the AirStream.  We extended all the cable to the airstream so that we do not need to pull the generator out of the bed. It can run while fixed in the bed.

Another shot of the bedding. The bathroom behind

The new Fridge/ Mircowave set up!  the old Fridge (pictured below) was huge and shitty. Possibly the original from 1972. IT was hell getting it out. but I am glad we did.


I will be updating and making more posts along the tour! stay tuned!

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