Woke up in the newspaper

Life is moving to fast...  I feel like the days are zipping by... I have no weekends, I have no "date nights" with my wife.  I have work.  I have something in me that encourages me to ignore everything around me and chase progress, chase success... my definition of success.  I never look back on my accomplishments and pat myself on the back.  I spend more time beating myself down for future goals that I have not yet attained.  I feel like I am 'late' and not trying hard enough.  I know none of this is healthy, but I do not care. I love it. I would not have it any other way.  I ruined so many aspects of my life and relationships in the pursuit of greatness.

I slept one hour last night on a couch in the warhouse. Waking up from that hour nap tired and cranky I was alerted by Sammy pants that we where in the local News Paper.  This is one of those things that remind me I am on the right path.  I read this artical as if it was about a stranger... I am proud of that stranger.  The American dream.

I have to admit.  I can not wait to see this on my moms fridge.

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