For the last year we have been working on this.  We are finally producing our own shirts.  These shirts are cut from our patterns, from our specs on our own fabric.  The shirts fit amazing.  We have been in control over every part of this shirt.... Every cut has been made by our own decision.  Now that we are working with a mill we have all new opportunities to bring you guys NEW quality items.  We will slowly be getting away from printing on blanks  Like other brands.  We are willing to spend more, and take more time to get a better product in your hand.  I hope you guys enjoy!


PICTURED BELOW: Our custom cut clean V in Black and white with the hand printed sleeve 

PICTURED BELOW: Our new Axe and Anchor hats. The hats are fitted Flex fit with 3D embroidery BLack hats with Mint or Gray stitching. The FNF logo is also embrodered on the back. We also took the time to Hand-Print under the brim of each hat.

PICTURED BELOW:  This shirt is also one of our new cuts that we talk about in the video.  It is the Egyptian cotton blend.  As you wash this garment it only gets better.    It has the ' RUN SHIT" X design Hand Printed on the front.

PICTURED BELOW: We had the amazing opportunity to meet and train with the Officers of the 5th Precinct in NYC. They showed us where they did pull ups under the stairs..... As Mike Pulcinella was filming I snuck behind him and took this picture. So many of us complain that we do not have the means.... the right equipment or enough time to properly train. It was very humbling to meet the officers that keep us safe and see what gym they had to work with... I decided to make more 3 ft by 5 foot banners with the caption " MAKE IT WORK".  These will be individually signed by Dana Linn Bailey as they leave our warehouse.


 PICTURED BELOW: We are getting such a great response from the maxi dresses we decided to do another! This hand-printed Maxi dress is part of the 'Under 100" line we offer.  Meaning  we only printed 100 of each size. Each individual dress has a hand sew-in tag that we write a number on.  This number will reflect what number you have out of 100. Much like an artists print does.  Obviously these are very limited and will go fast!

PICTURED BELOW: Dana's favorite tank design out of the tri pack we offered was the work design.... Because of that we decided to do another!  This racerback design girls tank is Hand-Printed and has an amazing fit.

PICTURED BELOW: This Vneck is the new fabric and cut I was talking about in the video.  This Hand-Printed white V is printed on our Egyptian cotton blend fabric and is cut and sewn to our specs.  The crossed axes and the work script grace the front, with  huge FNF lgo printed on the back.

PICTURED BLEOW:  We are adding to the colors of the wristbands.  In addition to the black and red, we are offering a black and lime pairing, and a purple and blk/pink pairing!

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