FLAG NOR FAIL Limited Run Collaboration with ROCKTAPE


This is the first time we have ever done anything like this... 

We have been seeing more and more athletes wearing ROCKTAPE on social media and at events.... so I started asking around about peoples thoughts about it.  The response I got was fantastic.... After a few phone calls and some discussion we decided to do our first Limited Run Collaboration and team up with ROCKTAPE to bring you ROCKTAPE with the Flag Nor Fail Logo!

I know how much the FNF logo and brand inspires people, that is why I am so excited to be able to offer this tape.  Now people running obstacle Races, Crossfit, Strong Men (and women) and the general athlete can wear the FNF logo with added physical benefit.

I attached a video and link below that explains a the benefit and uses of ROCKTAPE below.  If you have never heard of it take a minute to watch and explore their site.  I was amazed at the versatility of this product.

Thank you guys! I will have more posts coming soon that will 


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