This is an item we did a few weeks ago but with a different design HAND-PRINTED on the back. We actually did a test print pair with the AXE & ANCHOR logo and thought it looked awesome. The waist has a heavy duty draw-string waist combined with a button. I am so glad to bring these back to our customers!

Now these are great. This is a project that DANA LINN BAILEY has been in-charge of for the last 8 months.  These shorts are sized and cut to her specs. We are so happy to finally have them in our hands.  The light weight mesh training shorts are a good cut that offers the ability to move comfortably while training.

The front of the shorts are graced with our AXE & ANCHOR logo that we HAND-PRINTED in black.  Along the hem in the back we HAND-PRINTED our FNF logo.  This release these shorts will only be offered in Green but, we are working with the mill to get other colors dyed.


YES!!!!!! The black V neck will be restocked this release!!!

Of course we can not forget about the guys.  We created these shorts based on last years FNF mesh shorts.  Last years shorts were a hit. The light weight moisture wicking fabric was great! Going into the Fall/Winter seasons we wanted to offer a short with a little more weight to it.

These are men's shorts but if styled properly can be confidently worn by girls.  As demonstrated by Dana below. ;)

People saw this shirt online and requested it.  This heathered purple T is  HAND-PRINTED with our WORK OR DIE hand-script in gray.  This is only the 2nd purple shirt we have done since the birth of the brand.  The first purple shirt sold out instantly and people have been calling for a repeat ever since.... Well, here you go!

Dem Yoga Pants doe......

These fold down yoga capri pants are awesome.  Dana has been on me to do another run of these.  The Flag Nor Fail logo HAND-PRINTED huge on the black band with our WORK OR DIE design printed on the front.

This HAND-PRINTED white tank is cut and sewn from our new fabric.  I must be growing because I had to size up to a 3X. CREATE YOUR WORTH printed on the front and the FNF logo printed in the center of the back.

To Celebrate DANA LINN BAILEY's Victory we decided to release some autographed DLB posters!  These posters are glossy 18in X 24in and will all be signed individually by Dana.




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