This has been a long time coming. We broke ground on a new headquaters in Montana and it feels really good man.

When we moved to Montana we knew that our first warehouse was temporary; at the same point in time we outgrew it quicker than I expected. I’d say we realistically outgrew it within the first year of being here. Since then we’ve made additions, reframed out some offices and kept making it work. We’ve been wanting to start our new HQ for awhile now and on this journey there’s been hiccups along the way, but I’ve been learning a lot. Finally, we’ve settled on a location that we can build on and I’m hype af.

This is the FIRST time we’ll have a building that’s designed around OUR workflow. No more forcing our team to fit into pre-existing mold. Just like our move to Montana, we’re going to be documenting this build process and transition so we can look back at these moments in vivid detail along with keeping you guys part of this process along the way. It’s going to happen fast, VERY fast and I want all of you to follow along the journey as well. I’ve been thinking about this everyday, as soon as I wake up it’s the first thing I think about. I’m excited… very, very excited.

Over the last 10 years coming from a 1 car garage in Reading to now this 10 acre property in Montana it feels surreal. The building has been years of dreaming, blood, sweat, hardworking, mistakes, experiences and most importantly…your support. Your support of myself, Dana, and the brands. We are going to be transparent about the challenges, expectations, hopes, and wishes with this place. It’s going to be a crazy ride. A crazy ride that is all supposed to magically line up and have us shipping our first orders out of the new headquarters for THIS BLACK FRIDAY. Yes, just 17 weeks away. Here we go... - rb

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