Dana Linn Bailey's Top 10 Gym Essentials

Dana Linn Bailey's Top 10 Gym Essentials

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Ever wonder what is in my gym bag? Well here is your chance. I just updated this blog for our newest releases for Spring 2019! Not only do I show you my favorite Flag Nor Fail must haves but also there are few Run Everything Labs surprises in there. (With sweet discounts for both sites!) 

The days of Bros showing up to the gym in just a pair of nylon shorts and shaker are long gone. Now we roll into the gym like we’re prepping for a special ops mission with our lifting belts, multiple pairs of shoes, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, deadlifting straps, headphones, supplements, nose tork, chalk, iPads, and bags of sour patch kids for that intra glucose spike. Regardless we carry a lot of shit with us… Sometimes we even need to carry additional everyday stuff with us. That is why the next evolution of the GYM BRO BAG is the GYM BRO DUFFLE. The Duffle was designed by weightlifters for weightlifters to carry everything for in and out of the gym. 


Wear our new Tri-Color Leggings as a fashion staple while staying cool and dry during your workout. The tonal color block gives these leggings a sleek look while the fit and fabric provide the important functionality of movement and breathability.


The Women’s muscle tank is designed with lightweight fabric to keep you cool and comfortable during training. The front graphic combined with the sleeveless silhouette makes for a fun yet stylish addition to your personal aesthetic

Cropped Hoodies feature an accent tape and printed drawstrings, pushing our efforts in style and jumping further into lifestyle designs.


These tracksuits have been a hit and now we have the final 2 colors...RED and OLIVE. With the addition of these color ways you now have even that many more mixing and matching options. Jackets are available in both Full Length and Cropped Length. Check out the blog now to see all the details.


WRAPS: Available in black with red stripe complete with Run Everything Labs logo patch, use these wrist wraps to provide additional wrist support when lifting. Includes thumb loop to secure wraps in place and Velcro strap for quick removal and easy adjustments. 

STRAPS: Available in black strap with red edge detail these cotton lifting straps are complete with "Enter With Purpose" printed along the strap and Run Everything Labs logo Patch detail on the loop. The loop adjustable sizing and extending length allows you to wrap the bar multiple times to improve traction. Use these lifting wrist straps to enhance your grip on almost every training bar.



The Lifestyle Pocket Tee. Our first ever tee specifically designed for women. This tee delivers a classic and chic look to your style with its shorter sleeve, relaxed fit bottom, and pocket accent. Pairs perfectly with your favorite ripped jeans and flannel for a super casual, cool look.



Excited to release my second training journal.  Last year, we released my 2014 Olympia Prep Journal.  The journal was never meant to be seen by anyone but myself.  After the Olympia was over, I went back and started reading the comments and remarks I made to myself... CONTINUE READING HERE




Our redesigned headbands are now reversible and made with lightweight t-shirt feel fabric to keep you cool during training.



Let's not forget about Dana's Supps! Right now Dana is loving the Chocolate Mint Vegan Protein, Miami Nice STW stacked with Run Everything Labs' brand new EWP "White". Also Pear Passion DTE Powder for her fasted cardio. 



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