I know it's been a while and I see the questions, so I thought that I would give you a music update. Don't worry I am working on an album, we have actually been working on an album for the last few months. There has been a few delays in my schedule. With everything going on, flight lessons, Flag Nor Fail, the gym, Run Everything – it's been hard to get in the studio. We are looking for probably a Midsummer release for album. Most of the studio work is done in New York, but this year it looks like we might finish the second half of the album in LA.

Just in case you missed it, Hustle has been working on another project. Our boy Drew and the Hustle Standard has been in the works for a long fucking time. You may recognize Drew from some of my albums, rapping on with the name Drew buggy.

Since then he has had a lot of attention brought to him in the veteran community; recording skits under the name: A Combat Veteran. I've always known Drew had something... I was just waiting to see him gain traction. And they are gaining fucking traction. If you have a couple minutes check the album out, I promise you will be impressed. I am impressed. It actually makes me uncomfortable how good this record is because it makes me know how much more I need to step up my game to follow something of this caliber. And again this album is releasing without a record label. Two dudes just fucking doing it without relying on the music industry.

I love this new world where if you make something really special you can get it out on your own without relying on the "industry"

Hustle Standard Website:

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