Under 100



Hand Printed. Hand Numbered. Under One Hundred

Our new division within the FNF line is our "UNDER ONE HUNDRED." For this division we will only print 100 of each size of the design. After that, it will never be printed again. Sewn onto the item is a hand written tag with the size and number of the print.

Numbers 1–100 will be available for each size. We will not print more than 100, and you cannot request a certain number. Due to the limited availability we do not offer returns, exchanges, cancellations, and/or adjustments on the "UNDER ONE HUNDRED" division. All sales are final.

From the beginning we have wanted to provide our customers with limited hand printed items. Taking a different approach to the apparel world, our main goal is not to pump out clothing and stack money up. We want to make something that when you wear it you know that it was made by our hands. We want you to wear our apparel and know you are amongst only a few people in the world that have this item.

There is a beauty to our process that must be appreciated. Every single print is slightly different. From the amount of ink that was applied and lays on the item, the registration of the art, to the placement, all changes slightly from shirt to shirt. These inconsistencies are the nature of the hand printing process. We take pride in not selling mass produced, machine printed goods. We put work into the shirt before it even gets to you. We hope that you follow our lead and continue to put in the work.

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