Cool Video Recap of the Richard Hawthorn Camp


To some people these camps are a mystery. I do admit, I have not put out enough info on them YET, they consistently sell out!  This is a video that a fan shot.  I had no idea that he was doing this but I love it!  Filming his drive, some video of the camp and a recap.

This camp was slightly different then a Dana Linn Bailey camp. This camp was hosted buy the one and only RICHARD HAWTHORN.

We are having a new camp every month... and every month we are adding more equipment, door prizes and better give aways.  The store is getting bigger and the prices are dropping.  We now use a catering service and the food is amazing!!!  Every month we are adding more venders!

You will notice that we have some cool equipment at the gym.  Every month we put in a order with AREA 51 INDUSTRIES to create us new equipment


I AM SENDING YOU A EMAIL, making this video just won you a free camp ticket!


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