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IF you follow Dana and I on Facebook, you are well aware that we over booked 2014 with world travel.  The struggle of running a business on the road is really hitting addition to our personal life.  Being home 2 days here and there between international trips and sleeping on the floor in airports is getting old.  What keeps us going is when we actually get to events and meet our fans.  We meet people that inspire us, that share stories with us, that share their struggles with us.  All the bull shit and stress wipes away when you meet some that says you had a positive effect on their life.  As you can imagine 2014 has been a bitter sweet roller coaster for us.  I wouldn't change it for the world.
While in Australia A few months back we had a surprise..... We started seeing a mural of Dana on a wall posted on FB.... no idea where it was, no idea who did it.  Mid-Day at the expo a dude approached us and said that he was the one who did the mural and asked if we wanted to check it out.  It was a long day, i think we signed for 10 hours straight at the expo, and had to fly out at 6am the next morning.  Needless to say we hoped in the truck with  CLAP MEATAXE DESIGN and took off into the night.  We hit it off great together, with tons in common.  Seeing Dana that large, seeing the detail blew my mind.By this time it was close to mid-night, so we decided to train.  Then, headed back to the hotel we decided to stop by all other local gyms with his art on the wall.... It was a long crazy night, and I am still in awe of CLAP MEATAXE DESIGN's Talent.  Check him out on FB at  He is always working on new art... follow him, and follow his progress.  It will blow your mind.
Until next year brother.
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