We chose to make this supplement because there was nothing to support our health in our demanding lifestyle. You are not meant to simply go through the motions of life. We are constantly traveling. From airplanes to hotels and countries to countries, we are always battling against lack of sleep and proper nutrition; alongside, needing to be awake and alert to visit with people and to train.

This supplement fits us perfect. We saw the opportunity for us to create something that would directly fit our lifestyle. Getting off a red eye flight and having to visit with fans or train for 10 hours a day we noticed we were getting run down. We were taking different immune building supplements stacked with energy supplements all chasing one effect. When we realized we would be able to work with chemists and create a supplement that would accomplish all the things we are trying to do, we jumped on it. Improving the feeling and mood with a nootropic, on top of giving us focus and energy, no matter how tired we are, we are able to keep our health and rise above our demanding lifestyle. I will be the first to admit, I wish there were more hours in a day. Often times we sacrifice sleep to make up for it. We are constantly in compromised positions and we need to tailor our health but also need to chase all the opportunities in front of us. ONWARD™ gives us that opportunity.

We are not claiming this to be a miracle supplement. We are not claiming this will make you invincible or anything crazy like that. What we are saying is this: if you are living a lifestyle that is demanding where you need to be alert, you need to be in a good mood, and you need to keep your health, this will help you. We think the biggest thing that people will be confused about is the fact that this is not a fitness supplement. This is a supplement for everyone. ONWARD™ is for people who on a Sunday run an obstacle race, or are out in the elements, and Monday morning are back at work performing and accomplishing tasks. You do not have time to be rundown, you do not have time to get sick, you do not have time to let your opportunities be wasted... you need to perform. We have created ONWARD™ to allow you to do that. We have created ONWARD™ to allow you to be in compromised positions, to be low on sleep, to set your schedule to chase your dreams, and to conquer the obstacles that you have always wanted to. This is your support system. We are all in different situations and occupations, with different adversities and obstacles in our way, but whatever your work may be, continue ONWARD™. www.whateveryourworkmaybe.com

- Rob & Dana Linn Bailey

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