Everyone wants to know what the big DLB commotion is all about, including IRON MAN MAGAZINE.  Beyond my accomplishments as an athlete, some still do not understand why people will go to an expo and wait 5 hours in line just to see me and how our WarHouse Gym camps sell out within a couple minutes of being released... months in advance.  Well, quite frankly, I’m not sure I understand completely either…it still blows my little mind!!  But IRON MAN decided they wanted to get to know this DLB character a little bit better.  So I met up with them in LA while we were out there for the LA Fit Expo back in February of this year. The feature is in the APRIL 2015 issue with the article being called 'Breaking the Rules'. I talk about my training philosophy and I guess it goes against all the rules and science behind training. I do not believe in rules for training. Training should be what you love and what works for you!

I personally would like to thank IRON MAN magazine for reaching out to me and for the most amazing spread. It is a true honor for me to grace the pages of your magazine!! Make sure to go pick up your copy of IRON MAN MAGAZINE, April 2015 issue…it won’t be out much longer!!!



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