2016 - Adventure Tour Rnd. 2

2016 - Adventure Tour Rnd. 2

2016 was another monster year. Coming off last year's adventure tour, we realized that there is nothing more important than experiences. And we've been working towards those experiences for so long that we have to embrace them fully. So we had a second adventure tour, Adventure Tour 2. Another epic 30 days, doing all sorts of unique and crazy things while documenting everything.

Gym events were crushing. Every few months, we would have huge gym events. This resulted in the Warhouse Gym community exploding and becoming amazing. In addition to that, Speed Warhouse was building MONSTER cars. We assembled a small drift team, a roll race team, and we focused most of our downtime on destroying the parking lot.

We started changing the release model at this time, too. Instead of just trying to make cool shirts, we started expanding our creative focus and changing the release model. We basically went from individual clothing items to looking at the line as a whole and designing articles that would play off one another. I'm a little embarrassed that it took this long!

We also realized that we needed to start hiring a creative team. So Austin and I started experimenting with hiring people outside the company to help us create and support the brand. 

2016 was also the year I began talking to a realtor in Montana... and we all know where that ended up leading.


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