2017 - Move to Montana

2017 - Move to Montana

It felt like we were sprinting full speed as a company with back to back massive years, and 2017 was no different. We were growing RAPIDLY. Early in the year, I purchased a "retirement house," or what I'd like to think was a retirement house — in Montana because the state was calling my name.

We started making rain jackets, hammocks, more bags— including Gym Bro Bags. We began to expand past just apparel and started to assemble some other goods that we were really proud of, accessories that genuinely add alot to your life and allow you to be ready for the elements and travel well.

Towards the middle of 2017, a network contacted us about having our own reality show called the Kill Rob Bailey show. Around the time we were filming for the show, we decided to move our operations and our lives to Montana.

I decided on a Monday, and that Friday, I flew out and bought the first warehouse I looked at. I flew back and told my brother that we were moving to Montana. And within two months, we were loading up seventeen tractor-trailers and moving everything here.

The funny thing about that whole period is that throughout it all, we were filming the Kill Rob Bailey Show, which has since been pulled off the internet — we can't find it anywhere. The channel that produced it went bankrupt (not my fault!), but we are hoping that one day at some point, it surfaces again.

So we made the trip to Montana. Many of the staff decided to come with us, and many didn't. We made sure to place all employees who didn't want to go with jobs or started businesses to transition smoothly onto their own paths.

2017 was definitely a wild year, and it was one of the most significant transitions/pivot points that the brand has ever had.


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