As you all may or may not know, we are still a relatively small operation here at Flag Nor Fail.  With the traveling and events we often give the FNFFAM updates on the fly.  We will be using this blog as an organized way to get you guys info about our crew!  Here is our first Ella update!!
-Rob Bailey


May 20th:

"It has been about six weeks since I initially tore the Peroneal Brevis and Longus tendon in my right foot. And in my stubborn ways, I ignored the pain and completed the Vegas Super race a week after I pulled up lame where I finished a close fourth place. The most aggravating thing about the race in Vegas, was if only I had made my spear throw, I would of came in second. 

So after running the race I knew immediately my injury was serious, it had hindered my performance greatly and I found the sharp throb to disable my walking for the next week or so. I drug myself into the doctor to find out the bad news and I have been rehabbing it since then in hopes to avoid surgery. Today I saw the doctor in wishful thinking to be cleared for some jogging, but unfortunately my tendons are not ready and I did not get the a-okay to start running again. But I’m keeping my eyes forward, being smart about it and letting it heal. I hope to be back to competing at the end of this summer, but it’s hard to say what race I will be at, everything is on hold until my injury mends, but I tell you what, as soon as it does, Ella’s back and I don’t plan to play around. 
I am doing my best to keep a bright, positive mindset, but in all honesty, it is a fight to feel alright for me nowadays. I am way too familiar with this discomfort, the uncertainty, and the struggle that seems to linger around in my life. I want it gone. So I’m patiently mending my foot through lots of physical therapy and rest, which totally sucks and I hate it. 
Although, I am fortunate to still be able to lift and ride that there lovely bike for cardio, which is just so damn terribly boring but I will admit, I do get all hardcore on them pedals and throw on a hoodie. And since I am incapable of running, my diet has changed just a tad, I am doing fasted cardio instead of fueling myself due to the lower intensity of cardio. 
On a huge bright note, I must boast about my sweet Mother. Originally, we had planned to run the Texas Spartan Sprint race together after I had ran the elite heat. But obviously, due to my injury, I am sidelined and cannot compete. However, my Mother, who is fifty-four years young, went out there and completely faced her fears and owned the course! I literally had little baby tears creeping up in the corners of my eyes, I am beyond proud of her."


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