On July 9th, 2013 Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard released their second EP, Stuck On The Sunrise,  on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Mp3, and other online outlets.  The indie folk-pop duo, comprised of Plymouth music legend Jake Hill (Jay Kill) and new school NYC producer Charley Hustle, have built upon the driving soundscape of their debut collaboration from 2011, New Men Old Boys.

Stuck On The Sunrise features lead-vocal performances by both Kill & Hustle, with Kill's penetrating and grit-filled voice acting as a total contrast to Hustle's clean and innocent delivery.  The layers of howling vocals, matched by a powerhouse pack of musicians on guitars, drums, bass, cello, sax, trumpet, piano, organ and ukulele, feel like a nod to Springsteen, Fleet Foxes or Waits. Seamlessly moving through emotional narratives that are both high & low, Stuck On The Sunrise will leave you with a sound that is filled with longing and heartbreak, nostalgia, and a restless searching for home.
The four-song EP was written by Kill and Hustle and recorded with twelve musicians in four locations across three states—New York, Massachusetts and California.  The album, both in the making and execution, is a truly awesome blend of unique and otherwise unlikely collaborations, which have become the signature of “Hustle Standard” EPs.  The EP also includes a fifth track, a remix by Charley Hustle of the title song, “Stuck on the Sunrise”.


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