These walnut cutting boards have Maple contrasting strips. Made from an elegance aged Walnut, the deep, rich color is accented beautifully by 2 strips of maple, then sanded, branded with or FLAG NOR FAIL logo and oiled.  It is truly my honor to bring such a cool product to you. We did these last year and they sound out a lot faster then I thought they would. This year we made them bigger and thicker.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/zhHf61MdLEc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



We released this a few weeks ago and they where at hit!
Now these are great. This is a project that DANA LINN BAILEY has been in-charge of for the last 8 months.  These shorts are sized and cut to her specs. We are so happy to finally have them in our hands.  The light weight mesh training shorts are a good cut that offers the ability to move comfortably while training.

The front of the shorts are graced with our AXE & ANCHOR logo that we HAND-PRINTED in white.  Along the hem in the back we HAND-PRINTED our FNF logo.  This release these shorts will only be offered in black but, we are working with the mill to get other colors dyed.



Our 2nd order of rocktape just showed up!  This order is a little bigger then the first but is still not big enough. I suspect these will sell out fast.

Our first hoody of the season! Work script on the front, and CREATE YOUR WORTH on the back. This Hand-Printed Navy hood is slightly heavier then last years hood. The sizing runs true. This is a slightly new cut. We added 1/2-1 inch in sleeve and body length.


I made this shirt as a surprise for Dana. Ive watched her grow over the years and chase her dreams. She still does not realize what an effect she has on people.... She still doesnt se the effect she has on history.  I see it.  I am glad she does not se it. It keeps her humble and hard working.  I made this shirt to show that this has been built. It did not happen over night.  So proud of you momma bear! -rb

We needed to get a girls tank up. People are hungry for it.  This hand printed gray CREATE YOUR WORTH tank is super soft!

These beanies where a hit last year.... they return tonight

Our first pull over in the season. This hood fits true to size. It is a little softer then last years hoodie.  We also added 1/2-1 inch to sleeve length and over all length.  This item, like everything else is hand printed with care.

Who doesn't love a neon highlighter WORK OR DIE shirt?  Handprinted!




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